about denise audio

Just call them one-trick ponies. That's the idea.

We make professional-grade audio plugins, each of them designed to do just one thing but do it better. You might not need "that thing" on all your tracks – or even all your mixes. But when you do, we want to give you the best tool for the job.

We designed Bass XXL with the purpose to make the ultimate low-end harmonics generator. Perfect Plate is our idea of the most versatile and rich sounding plate reverb – and Bite Harder is the nastiest (in a good way!) and most surgical bit crusher you will find. And so the list goes on.

So far, we've released 12 industry leading one-trick ponies – and a few very capable freebies. And we intend to do many more.

We won't give you fake promises of perfect mixes or overnight success. But if you care about your craft, we're here to help you improve it with highly specialized tools.