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Bad Tape


Being Bad Shouldn't Sound This Good

Bad Tape offers producers a quick, simple way to envelop their tracks and mixes in the imperfect crackle, warmth, warble, and hiss of analog tape.

What People Are Saying

"I’ve had a play around with Bad Tape on a bunch of sources and I have to say, it’s pretty great. From crunching up the drum bus, through adding some retro wobble to a synth line, to nicely warming up a master… it does a nice job on all of it with very little effort."

Audio Plugin Guy

"Bad Tape from Denise Audio may seem fairly innocent upon first glance, with a friendly, simplistic looking interface. Make no mistake, though, this little plug-in can be seriously destructive."

Music Tech

"This is not a typical tape stop effect, this is something unique. You've just got to hear it."


“When I'm producing, I love what the colour dial on the Bad Tape can do for enhancing vocals. I also like dialing in other effects like a little bit of saturation to add warmth and depth.”


How Bad Could It Be?

New Effects
Bad Tape 2 features four new effects to unleash upon your unsuspecting audio: Phaser, Doubler, Resonator, and Magnet.
Push-Pull Graph
The Push-Pull graph lets you have complete control over what frequencies get saturated and what parts of the spectrum remain untouched. You can use automation to create rolling amounts of distortion or create steep curves to generate screaming resonances.
‍Bad Tape 2’s Saturation effect can be used to bring warm, vintage character to your tracks, buses, and mixes. Oversampling options allow for the perfect representation of imperfection.
‍Slow down and speed up your “tape” in real time in a manner that mimics the effect of stopping and starting a reel-to-reel machine.
‍Control the rate of Bad Tape 2’s Wow and Shake effects by adjusting the Speed slider.

More Highlights

Wow and Shake
Want to put out some bad vibes? Add modulation and jitter to your audio.
Dust your tracks with sparse artifacts reminiscent of failing tape or bury everything alive in over-the-top degradation.
Squeal and Hiss
Vibe up your tracks with the sounds of a mechanical reel-to-reel tape player. Create subtle white noise for retro warmth or turn the racket up all the way.
Use the Color setting to change the tone and feel of your tracks, from fuzzed-out mids to crystalline highs.
Bad Tape 2’s sidechain allows you to trigger its effects via an external audio source and individually set the amount each of its parameters are impacted.
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Sequels Are Always Worse

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With Bad Tape being one of our most beloved plugins, we felt it deserved a fully featured followup. Bad Tape 2 takes the original’s lauded reel-to-reel emulation, gives you complete mastery over the behavior of its imperfections, and piles on some additional effects you can use to further modulate, stretch, distort, and excite your productions.

With Bad Tape 2’s sidechain option, you can manipulate its effects and settings using an external audio source as a trigger. Make a kick drum detune your synth bass with every hit. Smudge your guitars into a sonic smear using a vocal to slow down their playback speed. Use a percussion track to turn Bad Tape 2’s Hiss and Harm effects into a polyrhythmic glitchfest. The degree to which your source audio impacts the plugin’s effects can be set individually, giving you endless ways to creatively trash your tracks.

Bad Tape 2 also incorporates the Push-Pull technology from our God Mode, Dragon Fire, and Bite Harder plugins, so you can saturate the frequency ranges of your choice without changing the fundamentals or amplitude of your sound. Want to give the crack of your snare drum a nostalgic glow up without muddying your mix by distorting sub frequencies along with it? Bad Tape 2’s dynamic Push-Pull graph lets you selectively apply devastating degradation right where you want it.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Bad Tape 2 also allows you to individually control the rewind and recover times of its detune effect. You can sync the parameter to your DAW’s BPM to create organic, in-time oddities or work totally off the grid to throw convention out the window. Break free from the limitations of other tape emulation plugins and shape your sound your way.

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