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Bass XL


Dominate the Deep End

Bass XL’s precision boost and coloring options give you the power to manage misbehaving lower registers, add weight to anemic percussion, and transform inconsistent bass lines into expansive, supersized grooves that never deviate from the sweet spot.


What People Are Saying

"Used it for all of 5 minutes and I'm in love!"

DJ / Producer

"Very easy to use, very quick to dial in… I can see myself producing with it as well as mixing with it. "


"Sprinkling this on a long acid line with subtle distortion creates a hollow eerie sound with just the right amount of glittering high end drifting over."

Sophia Saze

Ace Your Bass

Tone dial
‍Make your bass the star with full creative control of the character and color of your boosted frequencies.
Volume independent drive
Drive your specified frequencies without changing the dynamics of your audio, preserving the tones you want to keep unaffected.
Easy to use
Bass XL allows you to quickly regulate your rumble using a single window and a tidy, intuitive interface that turns a previously painstaking task into a creative way to further sculpt and hone your sound.
Low CPU usage
Bass XL’s CPU-friendly operation is a breezy alternative to multiple EQs and compressors. Get heavy. Stay light.

Get Low

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Managing and enhancing deep frequencies using traditional means is a challenging ordeal for even the most adept sonic spelunkers. While most producers turn to compression and selective equalization to tame rumble, muddiness, and wavering amplitude, this creates an engineering black hole that can end up sucking the time out of your day and the life out of your mix.

With Bass XL, you can tighten up and enhance your lows expressively without having to dig through layers of plugins and effects.

Unsteady rhythm sections leaving even your most dynamic tracks feeling underpowered? Choose which frequency you want to boost, apply it with the mix control, and then choose a filter slope to set the width of the effect. Make it steep for a more resonant, precise sound or roll it gently to create warmth. Turn inconsistent percussion, kick drum, or bass guitar recordings into confident, stable performances that enrich your productions with assertive authority and driving grooves that hit the mark every time.

Got a great mix that you wish had a cleaner, beefier low end but don’t want to open up a Pandora’s box of compromises to sort it out? Bass XL allows you to meticulously expand, refine, and color bass frequencies with drive and tone controls that fatten your audio wherever it needs it the most, whether its an entire bus or a single instrument track.

Hear It IN Action

Audio Demos

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Shape Your Sound With Bass XL

Get Bass XL for just $59 or download the free trial. The free trial will output 5 seconds of silence every 60 seconds until activated.