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Phantom Power

Poltergate calls forth the spirits of transient design, gating, and de-bleeding to conjure a plugin that producers can turn to for efficient sound shaping and precision control over their audio’s dynamics and clarity.


What People Are Saying

"It's like a gate, EQ, transient designer and clipper all-in-one! The fewer plugins I have to cycle through the better."

Rhys May
Engineer for Bring Me The Horizon, Muse, Three Days Grace, A Day To Remember

"Poltergate is a highly versatile, creative and capable dynamics toolkit that combines a multitude of useful sound-shaping features with useful graphics."


"The parametric side‑chain EQ and Spike control allow for more forensic operation than those gates that have only high‑ and low‑cut side‑chain filters, and once the gate has done its thing you can use the additional tools to finesse the transient character of the sound and help disguise any spill."

Sound on Sound

“Perfect plugin to get some more spice and transient on a weak kick or drum groove! Also very sick for creating interesting side-chain rhythms on basslines or percussion arrangements.”

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With multiple dynamic taming and mix tidying options rolled into one, Poltergate streamlines your workflow with an immediately responsive user interface that can take the place of an entire strip of utility plugins or be manifested creatively to exaggerate your track’s attributes in ways not meant for this realm.

Poltergate lets you reanimate resonant drum recordings while retaining and enhancing individual attack characteristics, thanks to a unique de-bleeding algorithm that offers the superior noise reduction and instrument separation needed to bring lifeless performances back from the dead.

Triggered by the same threshold, you can adjust the gate and the de-bleeder at once to take care of audio spillover and excess mud in one foul swoop. Use Poltergate's Sync option to channel automated rhythmic gating effects and sculpt the plugin’s response by tweaking its attack, hold, and release settings.

With Poltergate’s suite of paranormal processing parameters at your fingertips, murky mixes and gloomy grooves are nothing to fear.

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