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God Mode


Let There Be Drive

By channeling the tone shaping superpowers of the legendary Push-Pull EQ, God Mode grants mere mortals the ability to apply multiband distortion to their sound with an unprecedented degree of control and nuance.


What People Are Saying

"Given the ease of use and its small number of controls, God Mode is a surprisingly powerful tone-shaping tool."

Sound on Sound

“The side-chain function is actually quite a bit of fun! I've been playing about with it on reverb/delay sends and getting some really cool results compared to my usual 'dirty verb' tricks.”

Venus Theory
Musician/Sound designer/YouTuber

“I’ve been loving God Mode on synths and basses. It's a new flavor I haven’t gotten with anything else, that really helps things pop through the mix without losing too much definition in the source.”

Michael Bouska
Multi-media score mixer

"Denise Audio has delivered a distortion worthy of heavenly praise with God Mode."

Bedroom Producers Blog

Drive. Distortion. Divinity.

Push-Pull technology
Push-Pull distortion lets you aggressively "push" and drive certain frequencies and then “pull” them back again for a smooth vintage flavor.
Drive modes
The Holy Trinity! God Mode gives you three drive modes (Tape, Warp and Buzz), opening up a tremendous degree of textural freedom.
Due to the implementation of linear phase filters, God Mode’s sound quality is pristine. You can use the plug-in in parallel or to create a perfectly in-phase dry/wet mix.
God Mode allows you to pan your dry and wet signals independently so you can construct distinctive never-before-heard stereo spaces.
Side chaining
By connecting a side chain signal to God Mode, you can use another audio source to modulate your tape distortion. Generate rhythmic or random distortion patterns that energize your tracks with driving motion and engaging unpredictability.

More Highlights

Analog-Emulated Tape Drive
God Mode’s drive is provided by our popular emulation of the pleasantly smooth hysteresis phenomena inherent to old tape machines.
Equalizer graph
A flexible equalizer graph gives you precise visual control over your saturation's tonal response.
Subtle to extreme
God Mode gives you a full range of drive flavor that you can apply as desired. Saturate a single track to the extreme or use the effect on a group to tastefully color entire mix busses with a vintage touch.
Live recording mode
Use Live Mode for recording in real-time with zero latency.
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Popularized in the 70’s and 80’s, the original Push-Pull EQ would “push” the gain for a certain frequency range into its tube circuit and then “pull” it back again to ensure that the outgoing signal received a healthy dose of saturation and warmth but still remained smooth and consistent.

Modernizing this push-pull technology, God Mode blesses producers with further stability and customization options that allow them to breathe life and character into their frequency spectrum in ways that aren’t possible with a traditional multiband distortion.

Looking to add tasteful, heavenly coloration to select frequencies of your mix? You have the power! Hoping to overdrive your entire track to oblivion? Make it so! Want to apply both effects across your sound and creatively select which portions to saturate and which to leave clean without any unpredictable volume spikes? With God Mode, you can retain all the textural characteristics and harmonic complexity of distortion without ever losing control of your vision.

What’s more, you can summon God Mode’s multiband distortion in parallel or create a dry/wet mix without adversely affecting your stereo image, thanks to its use of linear phase filters. Blend the effect in tastefully for mastering or get unconventionally wild however you desire.

With this amount of agency over the parameters of your distortion, God Mode allows you to fly as close to the sun as you want with no fear of burning your wings.

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