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Transform your mixes with our full suite of professional sound-shaping tools. Includes every Denise Audio plugin. $669 Value - Save 70%


What People Are Saying

"I LOVE Motion Filter. I often use it on Uzi's vocals when he wants a low-pass filter effect. The movement on the plugin is great. Very innovative."

Ben Thomas
Grammy nominated producer/Engineer for Lil Uzi Vert, Baby Keem, Pusha T, Future

"Dragon Fire might be complex, but it could also be the last compressor you ever need."


“Perfect Room is a bold name – but this reverb’s performance leaves little room for doubt.”


"Bad Tape 2 is an ingenious plug-in that does much more than your average tape enhancement."

Skyler Gibbons
Engineer/Producer for Justin Rarri, Aha Gazelle, Curly J, Twista

“I’ve been loving God Mode on synths and basses. It's a new flavor I haven’t gotten with anything else, that really helps things pop through the mix without losing too much definition in the source.”

Michael Bouska
Multi-media score mixer

Included Plugins

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Bad Tape 2 - Authentic lo-fi effect with a wealth of quirky features.

Bass XXL - Laser sharp tool for creating a massive low-end in seconds.

Bite Harder - Hyper-aggressive bit crusher packed with features.

Dragon Fire - THE push-pull compressor for control and color.

God Mode - Surgical saturator powered by a push-pull architecture.

Motion Filter - Dynamic filter FX that adds constant motion and life.

Noize 2 - Adaptive noise generator for adding texture and interest.

Perfect Plate XL - Supernatural plate reverb with depth and tweakability.

Perfect Room - Artifact-free room reverb with a lush and clear sound.

Poltergate - The ultimate drum gate.

Sub Generator - Thunderous low-end enhancer for drums and percussion.

11 Mixing Advantages In One

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Each Denise Audio plugin is designed to do just one thing but do it a little bit better. While having a single advantage like that can be beneficial in the mixing process, imagine having 11 of them. If that sounds like something you might like, our Total Bundle has got you covered.

Design artifact-free reverb spaces with Perfect Room and Perfect Plate XL and add life to stale mixes with Motion Filter. Use Noize 2 to sink your mix into atmospheric ambience generated from your own samples – and then seamlessly blend into bit crushed madness with Bite Harder.

Enhance any weak low end with the powers of Bass XXL and Sub Generator. Distort only the frequencies you desire with God Mode – and bring analog warmth and warble to sterile digital recordings with Bad Tape 2.

When you’re ready to pull it all together, light things up with Dragon Fire! This highly customizable compressor allows you to mix and match the tonal characteristics of classic compressor types to build the sound sculpting tool to end them all.

Denise Audio’s plugins are presented with uniform, minimalist interfaces that offer low CPU usage, easily understood visual feedback, and the intuitive immediacy you need to keep your head in the mix. Get it all at a fraction of the cost. And get to work!

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