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Perfect Plate XL


The Sound of Super-Natural

Perfect Plate XL uses our TXVerb technology to create a massive and flexible stereo plate reverb that producers can use to bring a touch of vintage atmosphere to their recordings or to send their audio plunging directly into the abyss.


What People Are Saying

"Perfect Plate can go from a standard, tame plate reverb to all-out mayhem and everything between... I’ve put Perfect Plate on just about any track, and the results are always spectacular."

Everything Recording

"There are plenty of reverbs out there that come stacked with extra FX and innovative settings, but many simply don’t sound great and are likely let down by their reverb algorithm. There’s no such problem here."

Bedroom Producers Blog

"There are so many different ways in which you can color, modulate, warp, distort, and pan the sound inside the plugin itself. You probably won't need anything else after."

David Gnozzi / Mixbus TV
Engineer/Producer for McSolaar, Felix Da Housecat, Ministry

“What an impressive Plate, I fell in love with the sound quality right away. Also, I love the addition of the resonance and the ducker dials in a reverb! The built-in EQ is also amazing and super practical!”

Nico Astegiano

More Highlights

Stereo effects and built-in ducker
Bring alien life to your tracks with host-synced vibrato, tremolo, filtering, and panning effects, then employ the plugin’s built-in ducker to retain space for your original audio.
‍Use Perfect Plate XL’s filter options to sculpt a reverb that completes your artistic vision without compromise.
Detune, resonator, drive and flip
Generate vintage grit and metallic imperfections to transform audio sources into dystopian sound effects and swelling cinematic atmosphere. Or playback the reverb in reverse, using the 'Flip' function.

Your Sound on a Silver Platter

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Physical plate reverbs employ large, heavy slabs of sound-conducting steel suspended by springs to create unique, unnatural sounding vibrations. While room reverbs enhance the character of an audio source and seek to emulate a physical space, plate reverbs are decidedly synthetic. Their otherworldly characteristics permeate the catalogs of groundbreaking artists such as Pink Floyd and Jefferson Airplane, bathing their recordings in surreal, cosmic properties that seem to have extraterrestrial origin.

Thanks to our TXVerb technology, Perfect Plate XL uncompromisingly emulates this sought after effect with enhanced controls over the parameters that make it so iconic, as well as some additional settings you can manipulate to blast your audio beyond the orbit of traditional plate reverbs. You can use Perfect Plate XL in moderation to tastefully imbue vocal recordings with the classic, dreamy smear popularized in the 60’s and 70’s or generate a mind bending metallic reverb that makes drums sound as if they were performed with a sledgehammer in the iron belly of an oil tanker.

Get supernatural by using Perfect Plate XL’s Rotate, Detune, and Width parameters to turn almost any audio signal into a cinematic synth drone that rotates around the stereo field and tucks your mix into a textural bed of sci-fi ambience.Perfect Plate XL gives you the power to invent new ways to launch your tracks into a parallel universe of your own design.

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