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Dragon Fire


Get Medieval

Tame dynamics and turn up the heat with Dragon Fire, a highly customizable compressor that allows producers to stick with the classics or mix and match tonal characteristics to create custom configurations that were previously the stuff of fantasy.


What People Are Saying

"Dragon Fire makes setting up frequency‑conscious compression very intuitive."

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"Dragon Fire might be complex, but it could also be the last compressor you ever need."


"After playing around with this plugin, I can honestly say I’m somewhat blown away. Dragon Fire is a truly unique plugin, offering an intuitive, flexible way to compress your sounds."

Producer Sphere

"Dragon Fire is setting a new bar for audio compression. It’s truly remarkable."

Whipped Cream Sounds

Lay Siege to Your Sound

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Going beyond merely emulating traditional compressor types, Dragon Fire lets you pick and choose the features of each one and even modify the relationships between them to sculpt the sound of the effect itself. You can train Dragon Fire to adeptly slay dynamic issues unique to your project or unleash a kingdom-leveling beast that applies compression in ways never before explored.

Apply VCA punch to an optical compression. Blend between vintage color or modern transparency or go all the way in either direction. Fine tune Dragon Fire’s saturation amount based on its gain reduction to intelligently incinerate your audio however you like. Compress frequency bands as needed to boost, cut, and color specific regions across your entire mix with push-pull technology that puts you in charge of how the effect responds to your sound.

Dragon Fire is the Swiss Army knife of compressors, offering you the ability to soar through your workflow, sculpt your dynamics, and deeply customize its behavior.

Cast a compression weapon of your choice limited only by your imagination.

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