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My Crush


Love Don't Cost a Thing

Get struck with Cupid’s arrow and fall head over heels for My Crush, a free plugin that delivers the brutal bitcrushing power of Bite Harder but manages to keep the relationship simple via preset controls and a user interface that prioritizes intuitive immediacy.

What People Are Saying

"My Crush is a powerful bit crusher plugin that offers ample opportunities for smashing your audio signals to pieces."


"My Crush benefits from the same "crazy-sounding" bitcrushing algorithm as Bite Harder, giving us control over bitrate and sample rate along with a glitchy stutter effect that pairs nicely with the plugin's destructive sound design."


"A very cool feature is the possibility to filter and scoop out the frequencies with independent HPF and LPF both in Pre and Post-processing."

Bedroom Producers Blog

"... many times I look for real random glitches and effects like this and there are not many (good ones) out there. These are the things you can't do with hardware and where digital shines, as usual, great job."

David Gnozzi / Mixbus TV
Engineer/Producer for McSolaar, Felix Da Housecat, Ministry

Let Me Count the Ways...

Brutal algorithm
‍Familiar to fans of Bite Harder, My Crush’s bitcrushing algorithm offers a wide range of sound smashing possibilities.
‍My Crush’s main panel offers hands-on control of its low and high pass filters, allowing you to sculpt your destruction in seconds.
‍You can generate glitchy activity and texture using My Crush’s unique stutter slider.
Continuous reduce re-sample control
‍Set the bit and sample rate individually with independent control over both parameters.
Graph curves
‍Choose from six graph curves to change the tone, vibrancy, and intensity of the effect.
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Flirting With Disaster

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My Crush features the same sound-obliterating bitcrusher engine found in Bite Harder, allowing you to court your tracks with candlelit lofi sizzle or profess your adoration through an audio-annihilating algorithm that would make other plugins blush. Its focused, refined controls highlight the effect’s most attractive features, making them a breeze to access and tweak to your heart’s desire without missing a beat.

Play the field and speed date through six different graph curves that let you swiftly change the feel, texture, and fidelity of your audio. Once you’re ready to settle down, you can use My Crush’s low and high pass filters and individual bit reduction and re-sample dials to turn up the heat. By adjusting the plugin’s glitch-inducing stutter slider, you can further spice up your tracks with enough spontaneity and excitement to ensure that the fire never goes out.

My Crush’s most eye-catching attribute? It’s absolutely free. Break your heart. Not the bank.

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