GUI of Denise Motion Filter active and responding to incoming audio audio

Motion Filter


Defeat Static Sounds

Motion Filter makes your mixes move. A re-imagination of our cult plugin The Sweeper, this gorgeous state-of-the-art filter can modulate in multiple dimensions to animate any sound. You’ll never reach for your static filter plugins again.

Plugin Formats: VST, VST3, AU, AAX.
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What People Are Saying

"I LOVE Motion Filter. I use it on Uzi's vocals when he wants a low-pass filter effect. The movement on the plugin is great. Very innovative."

Ben Thomas
Grammy nomiated Producer/Engineer for Lil Uzi Vert, Baby Keem, Future, Pusha T

"an invaluable tool for producers and audio engineers."

Magnetic Magazine

"I think this very well might become my go to filter plug in. Did some magical stuff to a guitar I was mixing."

Rob Kleiner
Grammy nominated producer / mixer for Sia, Labrinth, David Guetta

"I will use this a lot as a build up and build down tool with this as the first insert and then Transit to smooth it all together into a perfect blend."

Artist / Producer / DJ

"I’m using Motion Filter to subtly sweep static parts on mixes. Works so well on shakers, synth arpeggios also, surprisingly, on backing vocal stacks. Works so well and takes seconds!"

Anthony Saffery
Portugal. the Man, Cornershop, Dirty Vegas

“When the producer wants to try something cool on a mix and I want to impress him. Motion Filter is that plugin that does that!”

Matt Sim
Illenium, The Chainsmokers, Dillion Francis, Jackson Wang, Aya Nakamura

"I absolutely love this plugin!! I have been searching for a filter that feels this musical. The transparency and musicality of this filter are unmatched."

Skyler Gibbons
Engineer/Producer for Justin Rarri, Aha Gazelle, Curly J, Twista

"You could describe it as a filter revolution.”

Introducing Motion Filter

Sweep dull mixes to the side

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From subtle motion to epic sweeps, dynamic filters play an essential role in modern tracks. Motion Filter is the fastest way to create this effect, offering an obstacle free workflow and pristine sound quality.

The plugin has two main modes: 'Sweeper' gives you filter motion that follows your track's dynamics, powered by an envelope follower. 'LFO' lets you apply pre-programmed motion patterns and sync them with your DAW.

At subtle settings, Motion Filter can replace a traditional static filter, adding just a touch of organic movement. At extreme settings, it can transform any sonic material into an ear-catching mix element. Use it in sidechain mode to control the filter with external sources like a kick drum.


For the filter fanatics

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Ultra-clean filter

Motion Filter's state-of-the-art DSP offers a smoother sound than most filter plugins. Thanks to its Nyquist-corrected architecture, Motion Filter produces a surgical response across the entire frequency spectrum, even at radical settings.

Obstacle free workflow

If we can save you 10 seconds of configuration time by eliminating routing obstacles and automation lanes, then we've done our job. Like all Denise Audio plugins, Motion Filter is designed with the highest ergonomic standards in mind, giving you everything you need right at your fingertips.

Two motion modes

Envelope Follower or LFO

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Sweeper - Move with the dynamics of your track

Sweeper Mode gives you the original Denise Sweeper plugin’s envelope-controlled filter to use your track’s dynamics as a modulation source for the filter movement. Active sounds like loops and percussion instantly get into motion as their peaks and valleys affect the action of the filter.

LFO - Cinematic sweeps on repeat

The new LFO mode lets you craft patterns of recurring sweeps based on wave shapes. Dial in smooth undulating sine sweeps that unfold over multiple bars or create jerky fits and starts with sharp square or saw waves. Get your music pumping by syncing the LFO rate to the host BPM.

In action

Master the art of motion

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Start and end points

Set the beginning and end frequencies of the filter motion.

Dynamic resonance

Toggle on for a dynamic resonance response with more movement.


Engage to let the dynamics of another source in your mix (like a kick drum) trigger the filter motion.

Filter flip
Reverse the direction of the filter motion.

A flexible workhorse

Your sweeps, your way

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Filter Modes:

Choose from Low-Pass, High-Pass, Band-Pass and Notch filter modes for any flavor of frequency subtraction.

Slopes up to 96 db/octave

Go gently or get surgical with selectable filter slopes ranging from 12 to 96 dB/octave.

In summary

It's time to create a movement

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Do you like the exciting sound of moving the cutoff control on your synths? Motion Filter lets you apply this musical effect anywhere in your mix, without entering any automation lanes. Get subtle movement, radical sweeps, or anything in between.

If your mixes are feeling a bit lifeless, try replacing your static filters with Motion Filter instead. A little goes a long way and you'll soon be making more engaging and alive tracks. Get the free trial and experience Motion Filter for yourself.

Hear It IN Action

Audio Demos



Tame aggressive harmonics and bring them out in a repeating pattern with LFO mode.



Fast modulation in LFO mode creates a warbly, underwater effect.


Sidechain Input

Background pads come to life with filter motion triggered by the kick drum.



Add action to contrasting sections on a full mix.


Synth Transformation

Extreme filter settings transform a rich synth into something completely different.



Evolving LFO filter reshapes the rhythmic feel of a drum loop.


Move Your Mix With Motion Filter

Get Motion Filter on intro sale for just $39 or download the free trial. The free trial will output 5 seconds of silence every 60 seconds until activated.