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Appetite for Destruction

Run-of-the-mill bit crushers provide little in the way of musicality, delivering static performances that leave audio epicureans hungry for more. Bite Harder offers instrument-like command over its sonic decimation, allowing producers to intricately blend the effect from delicate lo-fi crackle to all-out arcade annihilation and back again.

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Anarchy Al Dente

Say goodbye to broad-brush bit crushers and sink your teeth into unmatched control of your sound. Bite Harder takes everything you love about traditional sample reduction algorithms and employs our Push-Pull technology to put you in charge of how and where the effect’s parameters are applied across your track’s frequency spectrum.

Crisp up an instrument’s highs so they jump out of the mix while leaving its bottom end lush and creamy. Crunch an audio bus's bass register into pulverized pandemonium while retaining consistent, ethereal sparkle and air on top. Smooth out the results of Bite Harder’s individual bit and sample controls with the Silky dial and serve your listeners a flavor profile they won’t believe was cooked up using a single plugin.

Options for ring modulation, drive, loop, and stutter effects are also on the menu, putting unrivaled audio wreckage within easy reach. 

Room for dessert? Bite Harder’s additional automation and sidechain controls give you the ability to organically or abruptly manipulate the plugin’s settings using an external audio source. How you choose to demolish your sound is determined only by what you can imagine.

What People Are Saying

"This new sonic torture chamber can smash your audio into a barely recognisable digital pulp, but it can be gentle, too."


"If you are a fan of bit‑crushers, then Bite Harder gives you more flexibility than most destruction plug‑ins with the push‑pull EQ being particularly powerful. I’m sure it will find applications across multiple genres."

Sound on Sound

"... many times I look for real random glitches and effects like this and there are not many (good ones) out there. These are the things you can't do with hardware and where digital shines, as usual, great job."

David Gnozzi / Mixbus TV
Engineer/Producer for McSolaar, Felix Da Housecat, Ministry

"Bite Harder is pushing the envelope in terms of Bit Crushing. Abuse the plugin and you will be rewarded with sonic ear candy of the highest order. This is a fabulous sound design tool, super versatile yet easy to use."

Thomas Schumacher

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