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Make Some Noize

Noize 2 is an adaptive noise generator plugin. It lets producers add customized textures and interest to their tracks by selecting from and modifying 8 built-in noise types or by uploading their own samples.


Craft Your Cacophony

8 Built-in noise types 
Noize 2 features 8 different noise types to choose from that you can further shape via low and high-pass filtering.
Load your own samples
Add intricate, evolving grittiness to your audio by loading your own sounds and using Noize 2’s sample editor to apply filters, pitch control, play in reverse etc.
Adaptive generation
Noize 2 only generates noise when it receives an audio signal and even adapts to the amplitude of your track in real time.
Solo mode 
Isolate the noise signal for detailed shaping or put Noize 2 on a parallel track to then apply additional effects.
Easy to tweak 
Tune your signal-to-noise ratio however you wish by adjusting Noize 2’s Rise and Fall time, widening its Stereo output, and modifying its level in the mix.
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Get In on the Racket

Noise was once something to avoid. Until producers realized that subtle amounts of it can bring power and aggressiveness to tight bass lines, add analog fuzz to pads and percussion, or give vocal recordings a timeless, low fidelity aesthetic.

Noize 2’s adaptive noise generation makes it easier than ever to tap into this underrated but powerful effect. Thanks to the degree of control the plugin gives you over the sound, tone, and behavior of its application, you can use noise in creative ways you never thought possible.

Choose from the 8 available noise options built-into Noize 2 and use the plugin’s Rise and Fall parameters to sculpt its attack and release. Use a short Rise and a long Fall to give a snare drum’s transients a burst of top end followed by a trail of hiss and sizzle. Use a long Rise and a short Fall to tuck vocal performances into a dreamy swell of whispers that you can then widen into speaker-spanning ambience using the Stereo dial. Too fizzy or thick for your liking? Use Noize 2’s filter to cut out unwanted frequencies and bring excitement to your mix while still maintaining clarity.

Use the Solo button to listen to just the noise itself for precision shaping. Place Noize 2 on its own parallel channel in this configuration and you can then add additional effects to build complex soundscapes that take your sonic creations even further out of the box. Thanks to Noize 2’s Adapt feature, noise is only generated when an audio signal is detected. No gates required.

Most notably, Noize 2 allows you to craft never-before-heard noise profiles by uploading and adjusting your own samples. Make your kick drum trigger the ambience of a city street. Fold a guitar arpeggio into a recording of a busy highway. Submerge a synth solo in the bubbling of your fish tank or the howling of your dog.

With Noize 2, you can quickly construct spirited rhythmic vibes and delightfully discordant atmospheres that would otherwise require an arsenal of effects and automation.

What People Are Saying

"The tool I didn't know I needed."                                       


"Noise is good when used correctly and Noize really lets you add it with precision and tailor it to liven up cold tracks and specific sounds."

Music Tech

"Particularly cool for easily adding dirt to any instrument. In my case I love doing it with drums."

Josh Carney / MusicTechHelpGuy

"This is a plugin that you can spend hours in just trying noise on a ton of different sources."


"Pretty much everything you need to control the noise being applied to your signal."

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