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Perfect Room allows producers to design wide-ranging reverbs that enhance their tracks with expansive volume and dimension without the risk of tinny artifacts or mix-smothering resonances.

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Creative effects 
Add motion, atmosphere, and celestial sparkle to your reverb with Perfect Room’s built-in Shimmer, Detune, and Ducker parameters.
Single tracks, busses, or mastering 
Because Perfect Room’s effect is so clean, it’s just as applicable on stereo buses as it is on single tracks.
Perfect for external FX 
Perfect Room plays beautifully on a bus with other effects and encourages you to craft unique, characterful soundscapes that retain musicality no matter where you take them.
With 3 different tail shapes and 5 room types to choose from, Perfect Room covers all bases, all genres, and all applications.
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Classic algorithmic reverb plugins use a combination of short feedbacking delays to create the illusion of reverberation. While tried and true, this method results in metallic harshness, low end mud, and sharp spikes in the effect’s frequency response. 

Perfect Room redraws the blueprint. By avoiding the use of miniscule instances of delay to “fake” a reverb tail, our TXVerb technology lets you build natural sounding environments for your audio to spread its legs in. From the lowest floor tom to the highest synth lead, you can use Perfect Room to fashion tight, responsive reflections or stretch out into ethereal dreamscapes with no unpleasant anomalies or unwieldy mids to overwhelm your mix and crowd your personal space.

Apply endless reverb to high pitched vocals, guitars, and pads using Perfect Room’s high and low-pass filter settings to accentuate only the frequencies you want to extend. Then use the Width parameter to turn even mundane mono signals into immaculate, wall-to-wall stereo horizons with no phasing issues.

Instruments that dwell in the low end of the frequency spectrum are so challenging to add lush reverb to that most producers simply won’t even consider it. With its tail and ducker parameters, Perfect Room’s pristine take on the effect finally gives kick drums and bass instruments a little room to breathe. 

Because of its flexibility, Perfect Room encourages you to use reverb in unconventional ways that far exceed the traditional floor plans.

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"It is capable of enhancing just about any type of source material without obscuring it."

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"Perfect Room is a bold name – but this reverb’s performance leaves little room for doubt."


"This is one of the absolute best reverb plugins I've heard in a long time. I couldn't go back to not owning it."

Everything Recording

"It is the most natural, smooth, and organic sounding reverb that I have ever heard."

Venus Theory
Musician/Sound designer/YouTuber

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