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Low and Behold!

Sub Generator gives producers the power to generate and shape sub frequencies to deepen bass lines, tighten drum performances, and add room-shaking low end to their mixes.


Bottom's Up

Fine tune your frequencies to dial in the sound you like or adjust it chromatically to make Sub Generator a pitch-perfect powerhouse.
Adaptive mode
Sub Generator responds dynamically to your music, making it a fun and creative tool that compliments your tracks without overpowering them.
Replace your bass
Cut troublesome low end frequencies from your mix and replace them with a tighter bass response of your own design.
Rise and Fall controls
Adjust the attack and release of the generated bass to create everything from concussive hits to rolling thunder.
Engage Dance mode and Sub Generator applies a ducker to its output that is synced to your DAW’s BPM.
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All About the Bass

Few characteristics define a “professional” sounding track quite like consistent, driving sub bass frequencies. However, this range of the audio spectrum is notoriously challenging to control and manage effectively. Too little and your mixes feel thin and incomplete. Too much and your compositions end up drowning in low end sludge.

Sub Generator makes it easy to quickly create and refine earthquaking low frequencies that compliment and enhance the tone and feel of your source signal, thanks to precision settings that let you control the tuning, attack, and sustain of its output. Sub Generator is not an effect. It’s a groove-boosting sub bass synthesizer that puts you in charge of how it impacts your audio.

Used to give your kick drum some added weight, you can opt for a fast Rise and Fall to hit your listeners in the chest with percussive sub bass blasts that never let up. For more sustain, increase the Fall amount and the bottom end added to your source audio will roll off thunderously over the horizon.

If your project is already awash in low end that is robbing your mix of definition and confidence, Sub Generator gives you the ability to replace it with frequencies of your own design. Use the plugin’s low and high pass filters to determine what frequencies in the source audio signal will trigger its output, then adjust the frequency of its generated bass to create dissonant rumble or tune it chromatically for perfect intonation. 

Add Drive to saturate your subs for more audibility on small speakers, use the Mono setting to make frequencies below your specifications play monaurally, and use the Dance setting to add a rhythmic pulse to the sub bass that plays in time with your project’s BPM. 

With polished low end being a genre-defining expectation for dance, pop, hip hop, and EDM productions, Sub Generator puts your bass, and your audience, right where you want them.

What People Are Saying

"You can turn your simple kick into an 808 and with frequency you can turn your kick and 808 to be any note you want..."

David Gnozzi / MixbusTV
Engineer/Producer for McSolaar, Felix Da Housecat, Ministry

"Sub Generator is a tremendous tool for fine tuning the low-end content of individual sounds, and can be used to transform an otherwise thin, sparse mix."

Poducer Sphere

"You can always dial in just the right amount of low end at just the right frequencies…"


"A really simple way to dial in nice full bottom end to percussive elements in your mix."

Green Light Sound

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